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Medical Coverage

Does your Small Business need medical coverage?

Quarterly Wage & Tax Statements

Does your small business file quarterly Wage & Tax Statements for two or more employees including yourself?

Do you have 1099 Employees?


Need Individual Medical Coverage?
Do you have a qualifying event?

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Key Insurance Dates

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Medicare Advantage Changes

01-01-2023 to 3-31-2023

Medicare Questions?
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Individual Health Coverage
Open Enrollment
11-1-2023 to 12-15-2023

Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plans
Open Enrollment
10-15-2023 to 12-07-2023

Group Health Coverage
Enrollment without participation
and contribution requirements
11-1-2023 to 12-15-2023

Medicare Supplement coverage available anytime!

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Individual & Umbrella Policies

Life & Health Insurance

We use a number of quality companies to serve our clients needs. Talk to us for details.

Home Insurance

Our Affiliate offers a number of property and casualty insurance options. Talk to us today.

Auto Insurance

Our affiliate offers a number of auto insurance options. Call today for more information.

Experienced Agents You Can Trust

Our experience means we’ve seen a thing or two, and that means we’re prepared to serve you better. Call us today to see how we can help you, or your business.

Law Enforcement Relationships

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