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Russell F. Caforio & Associates provides financial and insurance services.

Russell F. Caforio & Associates is an Independent insurance brokerage and consulting firm serving businesses and individuals alike.  While the means that are available to us may change from time to time, the goal remains the same, to mitigate risk at a reasonable cost.  We will work with you to find the right mix of products to achieve that objective.  

  • We can help you formulate plans to prevent an unwanted crisis from derailing life-long goals and enjoyment of life.  
  • With an ever-changing tax environment and product innovations on one hand, and changes in your life stages on the other, plans need regular adjustments so they always reflect your long-term goals.  
  • We bring the best mix of products and services together to work for you.  
  • We use current tax laws and innovative products to minimize taxes while maximizing benefits you can enjoy today, even as you plan for the future.  
  • Often a combination of employer-based programs and individual plans provide the optimal solution.  
  • Our objective is to give you peace of mind, knowing that all contingencies are covered. This is done using financial planning, estate planning and corporate business planning.



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