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Russell F. Caforio & Associates 2013 Ad Campaign

Russell F. Caforio & Associates is kicking off a new advertising campaign.  We want you to have a plan in place to deal with life's unwelcome challenges.  So, when we first considered an ad in Teed Off publications targeting golf courses, we decided that it needed to be part of a more coordinated effort.  If that sounds like an advertising plan, you're on the right track.  We want you to have a financial plan, we should have an advertising plan.  Made sense to us.  We look forward to helping you build a prepared future where you are able to respond in stride to life's hazards so you can still achieve your objectives no matter the setback.

100_0074.jpgThis is the full picture behind our Ad.  Just as we chose the best part of the picture for our ad, we will identify the best products and services for your unique circumstances so that you successfully transfer risk, allowing you the peace of knowing you are prepared if you find yourself in the sand trap of life instead of on the green.  Proper planning makes all the difference between the sand trap being an inconvenience or a major setback.  We can help! 

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